Examinations Department is the backbone of any Education Institute. It plays a vital role in the functioning of an institute. The Examination Department of Al-Razi Institute conducts highly reliable examinations with zero tolerance towards Institute. The Examination Department of Al-Razi Institute deals with all the internal examination affairs of the institute. Necessary notifications at the time of each examination and supplying rules and instructions on conducting of written examinations and results are carried out by this department. The examinations and evaluation system of Al-Razi Institute contribute making its degree as a benchmark of Quality Education. The Examination Department also ensures timely preparation of exams, marks certificates, transcripts, provisional certificates and degrees of undergraduate students of Al-Razi Institute. The responsibility of this department is to ascertain that any Degree or Transcript goes out of this Institute is genuine and is being issued to a person who fulfills all the legal requirements for this purpose.
The entire work of Examination Department is conducted as per Act, Statutes, Rules and Regulations made therein by the authorities of the Al-Razi Institute.