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Life at Al-Razi Institute is not all about academics and study alone. We know that students need a respite from their tough study schedules. This is necessary to re-invigorate their energies and for overall holistic development of the participants. The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) manages a wide range of clubs and societies catering for both co-/extracurricular activities. All that students have to do is to choose an area of interest. Here is a list of the clubs and societies which are open to membership for all students.

Patron: Mr. Mian Abdul-Rahman
Dramas, short plays, mimes, and skits have been regular features of the Arts & Dramatics Club’s repertoire at welcome parties, concerts, and other events held at the institute. The basic aim of the Al-Razi Institute Arts & Dramatics Club is to motivate individuals who lack confidence. We inculcate confidence to succeed! The members of the Al-Razi Institute Arts & Dramatics Club perform on several platforms which motivates them to work and perform even better in the upcoming events. They work to convey a positive message to the audience through entertainment and highlight social issues present in our society. Through this platform, students gain confidence, improve their public speaking skills and learn to express themselves.

Our Vision
Arts and Dramatics society envisions promoting art and culture through theatre and performing arts. Theatre as an art form has faded over the years; we aim to revive it. We also hope to instill love and admiration for theatre in our community.

Our Mission
Arts and Dramatics mission is to provide people with a platform to learn and follow their passion to perform. Many people look for an artistic outlet for various motivational or therapeutic reasons. This society aims to provide students with that so all theatre and performing art lovers can meet to showcase their talents and celebrate art.

Patron: Mr. Syed Farhan Ali
The Business and Entrepreneurship Society is designed to provide students with a platform to connect with other fellow colleagues within Al-Razi as well as outside the campus to generate a vibrant business community that is more informed, engaged, and aware of the scope of opportunities and relevance of business and entrepreneurship. The society arranges talks, seminars, and exhibitions to challenge students’ critical thinking skills and encourage them in the creation of new innovative ideas and techniques.

The society aims to provide guidance to aspiring young business leaders to pursue their business ownership dream at the undergraduate level.


  1. To train students to have the appropriate business insights and entrepreneurial skills.
  2. To cultivate the entrepreneurial skills and values among students, in order to develop knowledgeable and enterprising graduates.
  3. To nurture the development of quality entrepreneurs who will be capable of competing in local and global business industries.

Patron: Dr. Attiya Irshad
The Al-Razi Institute Health Society facilitates its members in the completion of their research projects related to formulation development, clinical trials, bioequivalence studies and other survey based research activities to highlight the health issues of the community. The Health Society promotes rational therapy by improving knowledge of the rational use of medicines among university students and public. It provides an opportunity to medical students to attend various training workshops and conferences related to various health issues that plague Pakistan. It is committed towards arranging seminars, events, symposiums, workshops and healthy competitive activities across various disciplines of health. Al-Razi Institute Health Society in collaboration with other national organizations arranges free medical camps for deserving patients at least once a month. Free medical checkup and medicines are also provided to patients who do not have access to proper healthcare. Al-Razi Institute Health Society celebrates various health awareness days like World Hepatitis Day, World Polio Day and World Pharmacists Day from time to time in order to develop a positive outlook on health.

To give students the basic knowledge and raise awareness so that they can handle the primary health issues.


  1. Supporting our members across their career life course
  2. Fostering & facilitating multidisciplinary collaboration

Patron: Mr. Hamza Jan
The Sports & Adventure Club at Al-Razi Institute strives to bring out the athletic talent of our students on regular basis. We believe that sports help students in building and improving their confidence level. If students practice sports on regular basis, they can be more active and healthy.
Some of the many sports offered at Al-Razi institute are:
Sports & Adventure Club also aims to serve as a medium for students to embark on different adventures, satisfying their need to explore. From Muskhpuri top to as far as Naltar Valley, Sports & Adventure Club wants students to realize and appreciate the beauty of Pakistan and drag them out of their cocoons to socialize in the real world and enter the natural realm with wonders waiting to blow their minds away. Life is filled with day to day problems, stress and activities, which is why Sports & Adventure Club wants to lead you on the path of adventures that will make you appreciate nature. Sports & Adventure Club proclaims:
“Collect moments not things after all what is life but one grand adventure.”

To create a physically fit and adventurous student community.


  1. To incorporate a healthy sporting habit among the students.
  2. To instill team spirit, discipline, love for adventure, and values.


Getting involved in extracurriculars at Al-Razi has proved to be a great way for me to meet new
people, enjoy my time at university and ensure I strike a healthy balance between studying and
my social life.

Rimsha Fazil , BS Applied Psychology

I believe that engaging in extracurriculars at Al-Razi will make me a better candidate for
graduate roles, by giving me lots of practical examples I can use in job applications to show off
my skills.

Alishba Khan , DPT

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