To cater all kinds of students’ academic issues and provide guidelines with the best facilities.


  1. Fosters student’s academic and intellectual development and creates a climate that reinforces learning in all aspects of student life.
  2. Creates services, programs and opportunities to assist students with their personal and professional development
  3. Develop programs, services, and environments to build a welcoming and inclusive community that creates a sense of safety and belonging for all students
  4. Deliver co-curricular opportunities that foster learning, self-discovery and respectful engagement in student life.


As A Liaison Office of the Al-Razi Institute.

The Institute is fully aware of the need for co-curricular activities along with academic events, which are important to the development of a well-balanced personality. The establishment of societies allow students to explore their talents and create awareness in them about the professional world. The primary objective of these societies is to provide a platform for students to enhance their intellectual and professional capabilities by arranging seminars, both at the institute and at locations outside the Institute, conferences, competitions, conduct workshops and other activities to expose students to the managerial world. The activities of the societies help to encourage the professional and personal development of students, and provide opportunities for entertainment and sports activities. Both for recreation and the development of a competitive but balanced personality. Student Affairs office as a liaison office ensures the timely and smooth execution of all these activities by coordinating various events. An important function of the Student Affairs office is to prepare A Social Calendar of Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities after consulting all faculty members in the beginning of every semester .

Disabled Students

Al-Razi Institute warmly welcomes the disabled students and those with other special needs. Students in wheelchairs would find many helping hands of fellow students along with wide doors and open corridors for their convenience. The students of any specific need or concern, can discuss their requirement with the Director Student Affairs.