Research & Development

Research and development is the backbone of institutions for higher learning where knowledge is not only transferred but consistently generated, ideas are evolved, hypotheses are developed and proved, their applications are demonstrated and prototypes are built for fabrication through the industry for the benefits of the community. This necessitates the need to establish the Research and Development Department with the aim to facilitate and co-ordinate research activities in Al-Razi Institute departments.


  • To ensure that high quality research of direct relevance to our country’s needs, pertaining to both public and private sectors.
  • To establish linkages between Al-Razi Institute Departments/industry both in the public and private sectors and to facilitate contract research benefit to the Al-Razi Institute and public/private sectors.
  • To assist in obtaining research grants from the public/private sector and foreign agencies.
  • To generate R&D funds through sponsored projects and consultancy services for further upgradation of libraries, computing facilities, laboratories and research facilities at Al-Razi Institute.
  • To co-ordinate placement of students at different stages of their education with relevant organizations for practical training and subsequent employment.
  • To encourage and activate research activities in order to upgrade the overall quality of teaching and learning within Al-Razi Institute.
  • To keep the Al-Razi Institute faculty abreast of the latest developments in their respective areas of specialization.
  • To disseminate research findings through conferences/seminars and workshops etc.


Doing research has never been an easy task, but thanks to Al-Razi Institute which helped me in accomplishing this uphill task.
Kainat Naseer , BS Applied Psychology

The research facilities and guidelines provided by the institute and the teaching faculty were beyond my imaginations.

Saba Nadeem , RIT

Research Publications of Al-Razi Institute

Author Title DOI Link
Adnan Khalil On Adjacency Metric Dimension Of Some Families Of Graph

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