Hamza Jan Muhammad

“The Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) works with both internal and external stakeholders to ensure that Al-Razi Institute’s academic quality undergoes a process of continuous improvement. To maintain academic quality and benchmarks in Higher Education, the institutions stand in need to be efficient, professional, creative, and innovative. The steps taken by Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) should not basically be regarded as an exercise in acquiescence but as a vehicle for enhancement. The Vision, Mission, and goals are the core values when implemented in their essence, observed, and evaluated are likely to be successful. The purpose of establishing QEC at Al-Razi Institute is to determine the dissemination of information on current quality practices in curriculum, research, examination, and assessment. The rationale for placing all these programs and implementing them under the umbrella of QEC is not only to focus on maintaining the best faculty, administrative staff, and students but also to excel in research, academic performance, emerging interdisciplinary courses, strategic and integrated academic planning”.

Director, QEC