Community midwife is a character in the community who assists the mother during childbirth and primary maternity care. In public health, midwife is playing a positive role, promotes health care system for mother and child, and brings the good change in the maternal health conditions and newborn baby. Community midwife have a multipurpose role in maternal health, public health. In all these processes, communication is very important.

Career Opportunities:

As a Community Midwife, your role is to support the birth of communities and their growth. The CMW is not only a midwife, but also a facilitator, educator and advisor. The scope of practice includes providing education and training to community members.

Program Learning Outcomes:

When the time comes, a community midwife can be a lifesaver. Today’s midwife will likely be the nurse practitioner, whose role is to oversee the entire prenatal care team, from the woman herself, to the doctor who will perform the C-section. Nurses can prescribe medications, perform CPR, and deliver babies. But what does a midwife actually do? According to the American Association of Nurse-Midwives, “The midwife functions as the primary caregiver and educator for the woman throughout pregnancy and delivery.”