The Department of Business Studies at Al-Razi Institute, Lahore is distinctly different from its peer institutions of higher learning. Our leading faculty is one of the best in terms of specialization and teaching experience. All this is organized to deliver academic programs, consistently reviewed and up-dated in line with the latest job-offering trend in the global market. Our effort is to create and cultivate among our students unique human values providing self-respect and honor in an Islamic society. We treat our students as valuable assets of the nation and we hold them with all the love and care they need to become most enviable contributors to the welfare of the people. Our faculty is experienced and devoted to keep students as an essential part of their own families. All these efforts reflect that the Department of Business Studies is an institution that cares and delivers in the best interest of students.


To foster perfect Islamic Values of trade, finance, commerce and economics with the excellence and innovation of leadership acumen  and modern management Sciences in a totally shariah compliant Environment.


We are a leading seat of learning focused on developing ethical business managers who will become leaders in the era of global competitiveness and technological advancements.


The Department of Management Sciences aims at producing graduates and postgraduates suitable for the emerging needs of the market and suitable emphasis to serve the business community by providing potential graduates in a value-centered environment.