Social Science deals with the human behavior and socio-cultural aspects of the society. Social Sciences cover a wide range of subjects including Economics, Education, History and Pakistan Studies, Political Science and International Relations, Psychology and Sociology. The students are being engaged in innovative and interactive educational experience and are enabled to apply the academic concepts to the contemporary world issues.


The vision of Department of Social Sciences at Al-Razi Institute is to attain the excellence by guiding and assisting the students in developing their capacity of critical thinking and analysis, self and social awareness. The faculty also seeks to promote the multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary approach for the growth of intellectual capacity of the students, to inculcate ethical values among them, and to guide their behavior for the community services and development.


The mission of Social Sciences department is to promote the self-awareness, socio economic, cultural and political development by producing such graduates who would be responsible citizens and contribute for the advancement of the society. Department of Social Sciences also aims at advancement of intellectual leadership through teaching, research and innovation.


The educational objectives of the Applied Psychology program are: 

  1. To produce graduates with effective interpersonal skills who can work in a variety of practical settings.
  2. To enable students to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for immediate employment and/or graduate study in psychology and related areas.